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At, Mercer Construction, Inc., the following ethics guide our entire process.

  • To provide value.
  • To adhere to honesty in all our dealings.
  • To adhere to what we put down in the contract with no surprises.
  • To give more than the client asked for.
  • To provide good communication so that the client is knowledgeable and aware of the process.
  • To be affordable.
  • To provide the client with quality work that is meticulously done to specifications.
  • To be completely accommodating.
  • To give the highest standards in materials.
  • To do our work with professionalism and skill.
  • To provide the best skilled tradesman for each aspect of the construction and renovations.
  • To make sure our work is accomplished in the cleanest way possible. This will provide the least interference in the operations of your facility.

To sum it up we at, Mercer Construction, Inc., are going to do it right, on time, within budget within a context of personalized service and quality workmanship at fair prices.

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